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Frequently Asked Questions


I have forgotten my password!
Go to this page, enter the working organisational email address you used to register with Click-thru and you will be sent a new password.

I am having problems with my organisational email account but need to log in to Click-thru. What should I do?
Use the Contact us form for technical support.


About Click-thru

What is Click-thru?
Click-thru is an online licensing system offering biological materials, software and copyright materials developed at The University of Edinburgh via one accessible platform.

What can I expect to find on Click-thru?
Click-thru currently contains biological materials, software and copyright materials in the following fields:

  • Clinical research administration
  • Speech synthesis
  • Equipment
  • Antibodies
  • Cell lincess
  • Vectors / Plasmids
  • Proteins
  • Training materials
  • Images

What are the advantages of Click-thru?
A few of the many advantages of using Click-thru are:

  • Accessing a single portal to browse a wide variety of University of Edinburgh software
  • Clear and simple licensing terms
  • Automated online approval process
  • Electronic download of software products
  • Access to supplementary information (journal articles, manuals etc)

I am a scientist. Can I promote my products on Click-thru?
If you are a scientist at The University of Edinburgh, use the Contact us form to approach us about including your product.

We do not promote products originating from non-University of Edinburgh scientists unless your institution/company has an arrangement with us. Please enquire within your own institution/company first.


Setting up an account

What do I need to start using Click-thru?
To set up your account and expedite your first order, you will require:

  • A working email address for setting up your Click-thru account.
  • Full name and email address of the fee-payer (this may be yourself, or personnel from an Accounts Department attached to your company/institution)

Several scientists in my department use Click-thru to order products. Can I use their account to make a one-off order?
No. For reasons of privacy and security, each order must be submitted through an individual’s account.


Placing an order

I have checked out. What happens next?
Every request requires authorisation and process time varies according to the product. Software downloads are usually very quick, for example, whereas tangible materials require a longer process and may take around a week. You will be informed of the process of your order by email.

Where an order is approved (we will inform you by email upon receipt of approvals) and a payment is required, we will contact you with payment instructions. Once the payment has reached us and has cleared, downloadable software will be made available from the Click-thru website; and for all other products, including tangible materials, you will be contacted to arrange delivery.

Is it possible to place an order by phone?
No. All orders must be made online, through a registered Click-thru account.

I have a Click-thru account. Can I place an order over the phone?
We are sorry, but for reasons of security, all orders must go through the Click-thru online system.

I would like to re-order a product. Can I do this over the phone?
All orders must be submitted through the Click-thru online system.

I am a scientist but am undertaking work for a commercial company. Can I use Click-thru for orders relating to that work?
Yes. However, be sure to check that the licence you select is appropriate for a commercial rather than academic purpose.

Why can’t I get my order immediately?
All orders require a material transfer/licence agreement between all the parties involved in supplying and receiving a product under terms of a licence. This cannot happen instantaneously but is a controlled process under Click-thru and should not take longer than a week in ordinary circumstances.


Making changes to my order or account details

My email address has changed and now I no longer have access to the email address with which my Click-thru account was registered.
Please use the Contact us form providing your original details and a new email address.

I have changed institutions since setting up my account with Click-thru. Can I transfer my account to my new organisation?
Yes. Log in to Click-thru and click on My Account >Account Settings and make any necessary changes. Note that a change of institution will require email confirmation. 

Can I change the Authorised Representative of my company/institution for a submitted order?
Unfortunately, due to the number of people involved in the approval process, you cannot change the Authorised Representative for an existing order. Please contact us to cancel the order and submit a new order with correct details.

How can I change the delivery address on my order?
Click on My Account > Address Settings

I have requested payment but need to change the details. Can I do this?
Yes. Click on My Account > My materials request and re-enter your request details. Your previous request will be made void. Any previous requests made for this order will still be listed below for your reference.

I want to cancel my order. What do I do?
Please use the Contact us form to cancel an order.


My order

What should I do if I wish to use the requested product for other purposes in future?
You must submit a new order via Click-thru to receive authorisation for the new use in accordance with the licence.

Can I contact the supplying scientist directly?
This is not possible via Click-thru during the requesting process. Please use the Contact us form for any specific queries. Once your request and the relevant agreement are approved by all parties, we will provide you with the supplying scientist or the shipping contact’s email address.

None of the licensing options that are available for the product I am interested in suit my purpose. What can I do?
Do not place an order at this stage. Please contact us with your specific requirements.

How do I qualify for an academic licence?
You must register on Click-thru with a valid academic or research institution email address in order to qualify for any academic licences offered on the relevant product page. You must use the requested product only for internal non-commercial research purposes at the registered institution.

Can I keep track of my order?
The status of your order is visible in ‘My Account’.


My Account

What is the difference between My Materials Requests and Other Materials Requests in My Account?
My Materials Requests lists products you have requested: all orders in progress and completed.

Other Materials Requests contains orders in which you have an administrative role, for example if you need to approve the request submitted by another scientist from your company/institution, or if you provide the product offered on Click-thru.



I have added a licence to my basket. Why can’t I find Checkout?
Before you can place an order, you need to be registered with Click-thru. Select 'Create Account' from the tab bar. The product will be saved in your basket while you set up your account.

I have completed my software order. Where can I download it?
When your request has been approved for downloadable software, a download option will appear under the Files tab in the product page. If you cannot find the option, please contact us for technical support.

The payment request on my order confirmation is higher than I expected.
The amount shown beside a product excludes VAT. However when you order a product, VAT is automatically added.

Do I need to pay VAT?
VAT is applicable to EU, including UK customers. EU customers outside the UK can apply for zero-rated VAT by providing their VAT number (including 2 letter country code) in Step 2 of the checkout process.

How do I pay for the licence?
You can pay online, using a credit card, debit card, or via PayPal. Alternatively, you can pay by cheque or arrange for a bank transfer to be made to Edinburgh Innovations Ltd (we refer to this as 'off-line' payment). The details you require for off-line payments are printed on the Order Acknowledgement that is generated for your order once you have accepted the licence terms and conditions. An invoice will be sent out once your order has been approved.

Please note that for software orders, you will not be able to download the software until payment has reached us and has cleared; and for tangible material orders, we will not release the material until payment has reached us and has cleared. For credit / debit / PayPal payments, this is usually instantaneous.

I need a quote against which to raise a Purchase Order (PO) before my institution/company  will authorise payment of the licence fee.
This is not a problem. Please place your order in the usual way and at Step 3 (Select Payment Method) of the payment process, you will be able to download an Order Acknowledgement which can be used as a quote on which to raise your PO. Once you have your PO number, if you would like this reflected on the invoice, you can go through the payment process again and fill in the PO number at Step 2. A new pro-forma invoice containing the PO number will be generated and available for download in Step 3. If you need any further assistance, please contact us.

I would like the invoice to be addressed to my finance department and not to me.
At Step 2 of the checkout process, add your billing contact's name and address details on the form and they will appear on the invoice instead of your own.

Can I pay with a credit card?
Yes, Click-thru accepts all major credit cards.

I have a question about billing.
Please use the Contact us form for assistance.



How do I arrange shipping of my order?

Some products involve physical materials that will require delivery or software which needs to be manually installed. In such cases, you will be contacted to arrange this once your order has been approved. We prefer to use client's own courier account for shipping, but may be able to organise on your behalf and invoice you accordingly, if required. Note shipping costs are not included in the prices listed.

Can I have my order shipped abroad?
Yes. Ensure you have the correct destination submitted in My account > Address settings

Can I have my order shipped to an address which is different to the billing address?
Yes. Fill out the shipping form during the checkout process or amend it in My account > Address settings


Declined requests

My request for a product has been declined. Why?
There are many reasons why an order may be declined. Common problems include:

  • Registering an account without a working organisational email address.
  • Requesting an academic licence without being qualified to do so.
  • Nominating representatives who are unable to authorise your request.

If your request has been declined by Authorised Representative of your organisation, you are advised to contact the Authorised Representative with any queries.

My request for a product has been declined. Can I order another product?
Yes. Each order is assessed on a case-by-case basis.


How to contact us

Can I contact you directly if I have any questions not covered in these FAQs?
Yes, you can contact us at:

Click-thru Licensing,
Edinburgh Innovations Ltd,
1 Roxburgh Street,
EH8 9TA,
Scotland, UK

Telephone: +44 (0)131 650 9090